Winning the Battle for Your Soul

Winning the Battle for Your Soul

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Has your sense of security been shattered amidst the chaos of our current times? Winning the Battle for Your Soul will help you find solid ground and clarity of purpose.

Winning the Battle for Your Soul:  Jesus' Teachings Through Marino Restrepo:  A St. Paul for Our Century

Internationally renowned author, María Vallejo-Nájera, writes in her foreword, “This book is an authentic jewel of God!” Archbishop-Emeritus Ramón C. Argüelles also notes the book's greatness: "I most willingly say, this book should be widely disseminated, all for God's glory!"

Why does this little book promise so much? Because it contains some of the most extraordinary teachings that Jesus has given to the world--jewels from heaven that will profoundly alter and inform the way you see your ancestry, your past, your purpose, your future, and your very salvation.

These teachings have come to us through Marino Restrepo, hailed as one of the greatest evangelizers of our time. Formerly a wealthy Hollywood film producer steeped in serious sin and the New Age movement, he was abducted for ransom by Colombian guerilla rebels and held captive in the Amazon jungle for nearly half a year. At the beginning of his torturous kidnapping, he underwent a mystical conversion. In the span of one night, Marino was given a complete illumination of his conscience, which revealed to him the sinful state of his soul. He then endured an experience likening to his own particular judgement, and his sentence was hell. After painfully accepting Jesus' hand of mercy, Marino received an extraordinary signal grace of infused knowledge of divine matters. With a contrite and renewed heart, he was then called to share with the world the profound knowledge and understanding that God had given him .

Today, Marino is a Catholic lay missionary who has been preaching the Gospel message around the globe since 1999. With the full support of his bishop, he is the founder of the Church-approved foundation, Pilgrims of Love.

Author María Vallejo-Nágera adds,
"Our brother, Marino, can teach us a great deal. Through him, Jesus wishes to open our eyes to many essential spiritual realities and the unseen battle that surrounds us. . . My advice is that you now begin this prize of a book with the heart of a child, with a humble soul, and prepare yourself in prayer to receive some of the most amazing secrets of our God."

Marino Restrepo’s incomparable story can be found in the #1 best-selling book: 
The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience.

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