Who Do You Say That I Am?: A Deacon&

Who Do You Say That I Am?: A Deacon's Perspective of the Diaconate

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The restored diaconate has been in existence for over fifty years. Yet, it is still an enigma for both clergy and laity. The premise of this book is that is the result of focusing on what a deacon is or is not, or what a deacon can or cannot do, rather than who a deacon is. And, not until we redirect our efforts to understand who rather than what a deacon is, can we overcome that situation.In order to do so, I believe we first need to understand not only what aa vocation is, but that the diaconate is a distinct vocation in itself. That will enable us to better understand what the relationship between the deacon, the bishop and the priest not only should be, but can be. In recognizing what that relationship should be, we can then realize that the Sacramental Diaconate is not something that is extraneous, and therefore can be accepted or not, but that it is essential to the purpose and functioning of the church's ministerial mandate. Obviously, in taking this approach, several challenges present themselves in coming to an understanding of who a deacon is, and the effectiveness of his threefold ministry of liturgy, word and service.I believe this book is oriented to both clergy and laity. The former to understand not only who the deacon is, but what an effective relationship between the clergy can be. The later, in terms of not only understanding who the deacon is, but how the deacon can empower them in terms of living their call to discipleship in the world in which they live.

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