Who Do You Say I Am?

Who Do You Say I Am?

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Christ’s contemporaries ascribed to Him many names and titles, and each represents a ray of light that brings us to a clearer understanding of our Savior. He was called Nazarene, Shepherd, Physician, Son of God, Christ, Lord, and Rabbi. All told, Jesus was given twenty-four names in St. Matthew’s Gospel ― and each holds a key to unlocking the mysteries of Christ’s life. If you’re looking for a completely new access point for coming to know and love Jesus, this book is for you.

In pondering the Gospel of Matthew, Eric Sammons rediscovers the beauty and wonders of Scripture and helps you grow in intimacy with your Redeemer. Through the lens of the saints, the prophets who prefigured Christ, and Church teachings, Sammons examines the twenty-four names to help you see the composite Christ in an entirely new way. In chapter after chapter, you will learn how Christ’s titles provide valuable lessons for you in daily living, including:

  • Carpenter’s Son: How Christ’s humanity unveils the extraordinary in mankind
  • Rabbi: What this title teaches about temptation and the means to conquer it
  • Ghost: How Jesus is the healing balm for anxieties that paralyze you
  • Shepherd: The two essential ways to preserve Church unity
  • Emmanuel: Three ways to know God and imitate His Love ― especially in the Holy Eucharist
  • Son of Abraham: Incarnational faith ― how God comes to us so that we may rise with Him

Perfect for Lectio Divina, each chapter helps you meditate on Christ’s many titles through the perspective of His life and times, their theological and moral significance, and their impact on your life today.

Above all, you will learn the authentic path to holiness and the secret to loving the Divine Bridegroom as He desires to be loved.

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