Conversations With Mother Teresa

Conversations With Mother Teresa

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"Conversations with Mother Teresa" is a lively and personal portrait of this modern-day saint that captures Mother Teresa’s vision, energy, determination, and great love for Jesus in the poorest of the poor. Italian Journalist Renzo Allegri relates his impressions upon meeting this “diminutive woman in love with God” in a way that makes us feel as if we were there with him. He also includes lesser known stories about her life: her Albanian family and the hope she never realized of seeing her mother and sister again; her successful plan to place a miraculous medal in the Kremlin; and the suffering she felt when leaving her convent to launch her new mission. All who read this book will share Allegri’s admiration and amazement of Blessed Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity she founded, which he calls “an army that defies the impossible.”

“Renzo Allegri shared a special openness and intimacy with Blessed Mother Teresa that took their conversations far beyond the usual inquisitiveness of ordinary reporters. Although she often dismissed questions from the merely curious, she opened her heart to Allegri. This book will not only lift up your soul, but it will also challenge you to love the way Blessed Teresa did.” —Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, author, speaker, and EWTN host

Renzo Allegri is an Italian journalist, essay writer, and music critic who has written more than fifty books, many of which have been translated into English. He has written often on religious topics, including several best-selling books, Padre Pio: A Man of Hope and Teresa of the Poor.

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