Virgin Mary Praying Magnetic

Virgin Mary Praying Magnetic

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  • Magnet icons go where you go! In your car, home, or workplace
  • Collectable icons, great for kids to learn about biblical events and figures
  • Faithful recreations of the original paintings, certified iconography
  • We have hundreds of biblical themes and figures to choose from

This icon of the Virgin Mary Praying is done in Russian iconography style and depicts the Virgin Mary in prayer. Icons depicting the Virgin Mary Praying are primarily linked to the Eastern Orthodox Church, with the most popular depiction being called ‘Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn.”

In this icon, the Theotokos is depicted in soft colours, with her face tilted downward and her hands folded in prayer. Her hands are closed, rather than open in prayer, indicating spiritual introversion. There are three stars – one on her forehead and one on each shoulder – emphasizing the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary’s status in Christianity. This depiction is characteristic of Russian Orthodox iconography and technique.

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