Untroubled by the Unknown: Trusting God in Every Moment

Untroubled by the Unknown: Trusting God in Every Moment

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The world is uncertain and ever changing—but Catholics are called to be untroubled by the unknown and secure in the midst of insecurity. How can this be?

Untroubled by the Unknown, a booklet in The Curious Catholic series, was created to help draw busy Catholics closer to God by calling them to trust in his mercy.

In this Curious Catholic booklet, Fr. Mike Schmitz shows Catholics that enduring hope and trust is just as possible today as it was for the first disciples.

In Untroubled by the Unknown, readers will learn:

  • What hope and trust really are

  • 3 ways hardships can actually help to deepen faith

  • How to face the unknown without fear

  • Why mercy is the key to understanding trust in God

  • How to surrender one’s own plans and trust in God’s plan

Complete with questions for personal reflection or group discussion and real-life challenges after each chapter, this booklet is perfect for individual devotion or group study.

Pages: 61


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