Thinking Clearly:   Catholic Philosophy for a Culture in Chaos

Thinking Clearly: Catholic Philosophy for a Culture in Chaos

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As baptized Christians, we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. But that has become increasingly difficult in today's post-Christian culture, which has largely rejected God and Christian beliefs. This is the primary field where most of us are called to sow and harvest for the kingdom, and a culture antithetical to Christianity requires a different approach. Philosophy provides some common ground with the modern world as well as tools to think rationally about who we are and what we were made for.

Thinking Clearly is your introduction to philosophy in the Catholic tradition and a guide to having difficult conversations about faith, morality, the human person, and more, using natural human insights.

Philosophy is the study of what can be known by universal experience, so the ground from which philosophy starts is as common as you can get. Once you initiate a philosophical discussion, though, it's up to you to show how that discussion can end up at God. Ultimately, that's where good philosophy leads, and this book will help you get started.

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