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The Way of Trust and Love

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St. Therese of Lisieux sought a new way to Heaven: little way that is quite straight, quite short: a completely new little way. Blessed with personal limitations that might have discouraged another, Therese se believed God would not have given her a desire for holiness if He did not intend for her to achieve it. She learned to humbly accept herself as she was and trust completely in God's love.

First given as a retreat by renowned author Father Jacques Philippe, The Way of Trust and Love navigates excerpts of St. Therese's writings phrase by phrase, extracting powerful, resonating insights. To Thérèse, the journey seemed “little” as she traveled it. A hundred and fifteen years after her death, the message of the young saint and Doctor of the Church has traveled around the world inspiring millions. With this newly translated study of her spirituality, many today will rediscover or find for the first time the relevance of little way in all seasons of life.

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