The Song of Ascents

The Song of Ascents

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The Truth is bigger than we are, and if it comes for us, everything might break open. "It falls from heaven," writes Tom Hiney. "It can fall at four in the morning when you are cold with insomnia, and it can refuse to fall when advertised. It has a life of its own, and sometimes appears with a special intensity." God calls, whether we are ready or not.

The Song of Ascents tells the stories of lives laid bare by love, stories that, over the years, gradually spurred acclaimed English biographer Tom Hiney up the ragged mountain of his own conversion to Roman Catholicism."These stories," he says, "are about people turning to God in horrible moments, with faltering human hearts like mine, and finding Him to be faithful."

Written in lean, vigorous prose, the book is a visceral study of faith, in which the holiness of other men and women leads the writer to realize that, despite everything, anything is possible with God, even joy.

A medieval king awaiting a Viking invasion (King Alfred), a Jesuit evangelist at the court of Akbar (Father Monserrate), a West African prince in 1890s Indiana (Samuel Morris), and a composer in Communist Poland (Henryk Górecki), as well as a trapped Arctic whaling vessel (the Diana), a lost explorer (David Livingstone), a disobedient general (Charles Gordon), and an aging war hero (the author's own father)—all these become unlikely companions in Hiney's messy, fumbling journey to Christ.

The Song of Ascents is about coming to faith through stories, including the humanly incredible storytelling of the Church's unique, heavenly, and inevitable destiny.


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