The Sexual Revolution: History, Ideology, Power

The Sexual Revolution: History, Ideology, Power

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The sexual revolution is part of wider and deeper developments happening in our world. It asserts the total freedom of the individual to behave as if the traditions of religion, the wisdom of philosophy, and the realities of biology have no claim on how we live, especially in the area of sexuality.

The author traces the history of the sexual revolution, from the early days of the Enlightenment through Marxist movements to our own times, and the failure of governments and even churches to defend sound principles for sexual behavior. He records the constant teaching of popes and Church councils and highlights their focus on the integration of sexual morality and personality within the contexts of human nature, marriage, and the welfare of children.

Bishop Elliott acknowledges that Catholic parents, teachers, and pastors need guidance about sexual ethics. And so do high school and college students. To help them understand the teaching of the Church and affirm it, he offers not only the clarity that comes from a thorough understanding of the subject, but also the pastoral sensitivity that has resulted from decades of service to the Church.

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