The Mystery of Divine Love

The Mystery of Divine Love

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Have you ever longed for a soul-enriching personal retreat with a spiritual master that you could experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home?

Well, your wait is over, because this extraordinary volume by the Theologian of the Pontifical Household, Fr. Wojciech Giertych, O.P., aspires to nothing less than giving you intimate “eye contact” with God. 

In his deeply penetrating and engaging style, Fr. Giertych reveals how to cultivate the theological and moral virtues in your daily life. He describes faith as a spark plug: “Every time we make an act of faith, the supernatural life is triggered; there is the ignition of the supernatural life, and power comes out of Jesus.” Miracles happen, he attests, when we show faith — like the woman who touched Jesus' cloak, and His heart, with her belief and was healed of a hemorrhage. 

You will learn how to pray in faith each time you pray, even when your faith has been challenged. You will also learn how to go beyond intellectual reasoning and experience and how to nourish the supernatural quality of faith. You will see how a mustard seed of faith can lead to contemplative prayer and communion with Jesus and will learn ways to introduce children to contemplative prayer.

This book reveals how to demonstrate authentic love in marriage and how to regard sexuality as an expression of charity, regardless of your vocation. It relates how to foster a pure faith, free of “mental contraceptives” that block the life of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, it clarifies the connection between faith and reason and their role in Catholic social ethics.

Best of all, Fr. Giertych explains how Christ shows us the “Face of the Father” and His paternal heart. In His divine mercy, Jesus pours His power out through us. In this radiance, you will view different aspects of the virtue of hope — how to rekindle it in your life and share it with the world. These pages also illustrate how:

The regular practice of contemplative prayer draws an outpouring of God's grace upon us

We're made holy and learn to encounter the mysterious presence of God by “the struggle” of faith 

Surrendering our lives in trustful offering to God brings Him joy and frees us of discouragement

We can learn to be “a child before God” and thereby grow in receptivity to the Holy Spirit and receive healing

We can “borrow” divine love, like St. Thérèse, and thus quench God's thirst and nourish others

St. Thomas Aquinas defines the essence and order of charity toward others 


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