The Habsburg Way

The Habsburg Way

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Few families in history are as renowned as the Habsburgs, one of the principal sovereign dynasties of Europe from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. These enthralling pages provide glimpses into the lives of their esteemed members. The lessons that their lives teach will help guide your family in faith and will help you live in peaceful prosperity and grow in holiness. Their maxims could also provide a roadmap for healing the world we live in.

You will read about the Imperial House of Habsburg’s saints and heroes, sinners, assassinations, and affairs, and the impact that freemasonry, Jansenism, and the Enlightenment had on them and on all of Europe. With warmth and candor, Eduard Habsburg — a member of the family and archduke of Austria — shares insights about the Seven Principles (maxims) at the root of Habsburg thought, action, politics, and family life, along with:

  • The main ingredient for a stable marriage and how to create a deep bond between spouses
  • The secret and value to a happy and productive family life 
  • How the Habsburg’s Empire was different from “Star Wars”
  • Five dates to remember in Habsburg history and their significance
  • How to die like a royal (and it’s not what you may think!)

You will learn the key role the Habsburgs played in the epic battles of Lepanto and Vienna and be inspired by exemplary Habsburgs such as Bl. Emperor Karl and Rudolf I, the first Habsburg ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, who helped a priest bring Viaticum to a dying man.

This astounding Habsburg history tells of the devout reign of Maria Theresia Habsburg-Lothringen, mother of sixteen children, who saved the family lands and organized pilgrimages and countrywide vigils in honor of Our Lady and the Blessed Sacrament. 

It describes how Emperor Charles V safeguarded the Faith and how Venerable Magdalena, archduchess, and later Ferdinand II, heroically countered the Reformation. You will marvel at how Leopold I led his people to the pinnacle of Catholic piety and almost became a priest. 

You will discover fascinating Habsburg family lore and the manner in which their marriages were arranged (even in utero!). And you will find out how they promoted subsidiarity and protected people from politicians — and the extraordinary relevance that has for us today.

Surely our world today be a better place if all of us, our societies and politicians, would study these Seven Rules for Turbulent Times and follow…The Habsburg Way.

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