Life Choices:  The Gift

Life Choices: The Gift

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Josh, star basketball player at a small-town high school, has it all--looks, brains and talent. Today is his sixteenth birthday. His sweetheart, Casey, wants to give him a present he'll never forget.

However, Casey's gift will change their lives forever, forcing them on a path between three possible futures.

What will they choose?

What would you choose?

Decide today. Read the life-altering first issue!

About the Comic

13,000 infants are born to teen parents each year in Canada, and 700,000 in the United States.

Research shows that these parents are vulnerable to abortion because the challenges of adolescent pregnancy and parenting are often deployed by abortionists to push teens towards abortion.

LifeCanada and Voyage Comics have developed a high-quality 40-page comic book that addresses the consequences of teen pregnancy from the perspective of two regular teens who date in high school and become pregnant. Each chapter focuses on a different choice and how it impacts their lives and the life of the unborn child.

40 pages

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