The Crucifixion Magnetic

The Crucifixion Magnetic

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  • Magnet icons go where you go! In your car, home, or workplace
  • Collectable icons, great for kids to learn about biblical events and figures
  • Faithful recreations of the original paintings, certified iconography
  • We have hundreds of biblical themes and figures to choose from

The icon of the Crucifixion is a Byzantine-style icon depicting the Holy Crucifixion of Christ. He was crucified on Golgotha, which is the resting place of Adam, according to tradition. The skull depicted below Christ is that of Adam, signifying that Christ – like Adam – triumphs over death by dying.  On the cross appear the Greek letters ‘IC XC’ which mean Jesus and Christ respectively. 

On the right of Jesus is the Virgin Mary, or Theotokos. She is depicted with one hand resting on her chest to show her grief and one hand gesturing toward Christ, directing the faithful to follow the Lord. To the left of Jesus is John the Apostle. He is shown leaning his head against his hand, representing his grief and shock. 

The Crucifixion is commemorated by Christians on Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, or Black Friday. It is the Friday immediately before Easter Sunday, the date of which changes each year.

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