The Chronicles of Transformation

The Chronicles of Transformation

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In a world grown cold without wonder, how do we reimagine the drama and joy of Christianity? For C. S. Lewis, the answer was to invite us into Narnia, a new world that would help us see our own with fresh, healed eyes. Even now, it is not too late to go there.

When Lewis wrote his Chronicles of Narnia, he laid out a land where courage would be tested and character forged—where travelers would find themselves on a journey toward unimaginable beauty. The stories are not for children alone. They touch the mind and soul of anyone who is open to becoming childlike again, including adults who have become too weighed down by life to enjoy its simple glories.

The Chronicles of Transformation, edited by University of Notre Dame professor Leonard J. DeLorenzo, is a collaborative work between scholars and artists, aimed to open adult readers' eyes and hearts to the transformative power of Lewis' Narnia, book by book. Jesus teaches,"Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." The Chronicles of Narnia, read anew, can help us do just that.

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