The Beatitudes:  How God Saves Us

The Beatitudes: How God Saves Us

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By Georges Chevrot

Our duty as Christians is not only to recognize the deep spiritual needs of our world today, but to help solve them through our own dedication to the Beatitudes. This new edition of French author George Chevrot’s THE BEATITUDES lays out in dramatic detail the extraordinary impact that the message of Jesus Christ had on the first witnesses to his public preaching which became known as the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus calmly lays out a radical program of personal reform, contrary to every experience and teaching up to then. Happiness comes to those who do not seek themselves, but the needs of others. We should not seek to be happy, but blessed, and the key lies in direct service to others.

Above all other considerations, the Beatitudes impose a program of personal struggle which represents the foundation of Christian life. Only when these teachings are lived will society also reflect that Christian life.

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