The Ave Guide to the Scriptural Rosary

The Ave Guide to the Scriptural Rosary

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The Ave Guide to the Scriptural Rosary is an attractively designed resource that will help you pray the devotion more deeply by including short scripture passages to read in each decade.

This hardcover keepsake includes all of the directions, prayers, and Bible verses you need to understand and pray a Scriptural Rosary for each of the four mysteries—Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious.

“In the prayer of the Rosary we turn to the Virgin Mary so that she may bring us ever closer to her Son Jesus, so as to know him and to love him more and more. This simple prayer, in fact, helps us to contemplate all that God in his love has done for us and for our salvation, and allows us to understand that our life is united to that of Christ.” —Pope Francis

The Rosary is one of the most valued and practiced prayers in the Catholic Church and the greatest and most popular devotion to Mary, the Mother of God. A Scriptural Rosary takes the devotion a step further, allowing you to contemplate the lives of Jesus and Mary through God’s Word. With the announcement of each mystery, a short excerpt from the corresponding Gospel story—taken from the New American Bible Revised Edition, the scripture translation used in the Mass—is read to describe the event from Jesus’s life. Then, before each Hail Mary, a psalm or short line or two from scripture is read, echoing the feelings and spiritual attitude related to the mystery.

The book also includes background on the Rosary and its spiritual graces, how to pray with the sacramental, and how to use a scriptural version of the prayer. An appendix includes Marian prayers, a litany, a novena, and information about Marian consecration.

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