Teaching Students with Autism in a Catholic Setting

Teaching Students with Autism in a Catholic Setting

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2021 Illumination Book Awards, Gold Medal: Education

​Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies you need to better understand and effectively respond to children with autism? In Teaching Students with Autism in a Catholic Setting, Deacon Larry Sutton draws on case studies, personal experiences, and best practices to provide educators with the necessary skills and strategies to identify and respond to the needs of their students with autism. This guide will help people working with children with autism to:

  • use best practices to manage behavior to enhance their educational experience
  • gain insight into how to reduce some of the challenges that these children face
  • identify and cultivate the gifts and strengths these children possess to prepare them for the future

Grounded in the Catholic principle that every person has dignity and possesses gifts to be shared with the greater community, Teaching Students with Autism in a Catholic Setting will empower you to become an agent of God's grace in improving the lives of children with autism. 

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