Stations of the Cross for Kids

Stations of the Cross for Kids

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Let us follow our dear Lord Jesus as he travels the Way of the Cross. He is asking us to follow him.  

Are you afraid? 

 Jesus himself was afraid to walk this painful journey, but out of love for us, he did so. So for love of him, we follow.  

This fully illustrated version of the traditional Stations of the Cross contains new meditations by children's author Regina Doman (Angel in the Waters) along with:

  • Scripture verses that point to each station,
  • traditional prayers attributed to St. Francis of Assisi and St. Alphonsus Ligouri,
  • lyrics to the traditional hymn “Stabat Mater” (At the Cross Her Station Keeping) in both Latin and English,
  • a feature that gives historical and scriptural lessons concerning the tradition of walking the Way of the Cross, 
  • and a final prayer that ties the stations to Eucharistic adoration throughout the liturgical year.

Detailed pictures compliment the text and allow the reader to follow Christ and his Mother as they make their way through the streets of Jerusalem on the way to Calvary. 

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