Set Aside Every Fear by Catherine Of Siena

Set Aside Every Fear by Catherine Of Siena

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Set Aside Every Fear is a simple, thirty-day devotional based on the classic spirituality of St. Catherine of Siena, who was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1970. In only a few minutes each day, this book offers you a glimpse of St. Catherine’s passion for living steeped in the intimate connection between love of God and service to others, which has inspired people of faith for more than six centuries.

Originally published in 1997 and now back in print, Set Aside Every Fear is the perfect prayer companion for busy people who want to root their spiritual practice in the solid ground of St. Catherine of Siena’s timeless—and timely—teachings on divine and human relationships. Catherine brought together two frequently unconnected charisms—mysticism and active ministry—and embodied both throughout her life. Her intimacy with God through prayer enabled her to minister to the poor and sick more deeply and to boldly speak truth to Church authorities. When the papacy fled Rome for Avignon because of political conflict, Catherine tirelessly encouraged the popes to return to Rome, and was ultimately successful.

Set Aside Every Fear offers prayers in the voice of God and responses in the voice of humanity based on Catherine’s own words, which encourage you in your own practice of dialogue with God. As you reflect on the mystery of divine love, Catherine shares her own relationship with God in a way that challenges you to place your trust in God and abandon your worries as you follow him.

All the titles in the 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher series contain a brief morning meditation, a simple mantra to use throughout the day, and a night prayer to focus your thoughts as the day ends. John Kirvan is the series editor.

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