The Legend of the First Valentine

The Legend of the First Valentine

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The story of the first Valentine is a tale about God’s love. Written by Cornelia Bilinsky (whom children will recognize as the author of Patrick and the Fire, The Queen and the Cross, and The Saint Who Fought the Dragon: The Story of St. George), The Legend of the First Valentine explains how St. Valentine came to be associated with love.

Valentine is a Christian priest living in the Roman Empire. Acting against the Emperor’s orders, he secretly marries a young couple who ask for his help, and Valentine is arrested. When his jailer’s daughter, a young blind girl, brings him his meal, Valentine speaks to her about God’s love. She is bitter and disbelieving, but accepts his promise of prayers. The morning of his execution, Valentine writes her a note, assuring her again that God loves her, signing it: “your Valentine.” When the girl receives the note, her sight is restored and she comes to recognize the truth of God’s love.

Along with the story and its charming illustrations, The Legend of the First Valentine also explains what little is known about the real St. Valentine and adds that he is the patron saint of love itself, not merely of couples in love. Valentine believed in God’s love and he lived according to the commandment of Jesus Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12). The book concludes with a prayer to St. Valentine.

Ideal for children ages four to seven, The Legend of the First Valentine takes its place in Pauline Books & Media’s beloved Tales & Legends series.

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