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Baby And Beyond

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During the year after giving birth, some mothers struggle to recover from the wearying days, sleepless nights, and assorted other troubles – mental, physical, and spiritual – that childbirth brings.

If you’re one such woman, know that you don’t stand alone. Author Allison Auth has experienced all these woes and more, growing wise along the way in the art of postpartum life – a healing art she illuminates and shares here with you.

In these lively, plainspoken pages, Auth introduces you to powerful exercise, health, and nutrition practices that can relieve – and often even eliminate – most of the troubles you might suffer during that difficult year after your baby is born. These practices will help you find the energy, balance, and healing – physical and spiritual – that you need to care confidently for your loved ones, your home, and your soul. Auth will even teach you a surefire way to slay, once and for all, the toxic temptation to compare yourself unfavorably with that “perfect mom” next door, whose hair is always tidy, clothes neat, and house clean.

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