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Scrupulosity:  Heal Your Mind, Unbind Your Soul, and Let God Work

We are all called to reject sin, to grow in virtue, and, above all else, to love God with all that we are. But some souls suffer from anxiety and feelings of guilt because they see sin where there is none and struggle to embrace God's love and mercy - a psychological and spiritual condition known as scrupulosity.

In Scrupulosity: Heal Your Mind, Unbind Your Soul, and Let God Work, clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Vost provides a comprehensive overview of the ancient and current psychological and theological understanding of scrupulosity and how those who suffer from it can find peace and healing. He guides the reader through the empowering effects of the sacraments, virtues, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and prayer, as well as scientific insights into the physical and emotional reality of scrupulosity. Along the way, he offers inspiration from the lives of saints.

This book answers many common questions, such as:

  • What are the causes of scrupulosity?
  • How can I know if I have it?
  • How does it manifest in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors?
  • Does one outgrow scrupulosity over time?

Christ does not want us to live this life with troubled hearts mired in fear. Ultimately, this book invites both the scrupulous and those who love them to attain greater spiritual and psychological peace.

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