Saint Patrick Magnetic

Saint Patrick Magnetic

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  • Magnet icons go where you go! In your car, home, or workplace
  • Collectable icons, great for kids to learn about biblical events and figures
  • Faithful recreations of the original paintings, certified iconography
  • We have hundreds of biblical themes and figures to choose from

Saint Patrick, or Patrick of Ireland, was known as the Enlightener of Ireland and served as the Bishop of Armagh. According to tradition, Saint Patrick was born in 387 AD in Scotland to Christian parents. When he was 16 he was taken to Ireland as a slave to serve as a sheep herder. While enslaved, Saint Patrick prayed fervently, leading him to become a true believer in God.

Six years after he arrived in Ireland, he was instructed by the voice of God to prepare to journey away from Ireland and soon after Saint Patrick managed to escape. Once he returned to England, he had a dream wherein the Irish people were saying “We beg you, holy youth, that you shall come and shall walk again among us.”

Following this dream, Saint Patrick underwent clerical training, eventually becoming ordained as a bishop in 430 AD. It was after this that Saint Patrick made the trip back to Ireland where he preached readings of the gospel. Saint Patrick is credited with instituting Christianity throughout Ireland and is commemorated by the Catholic Church and Orthodox churches on March 17th. 5x6cm

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