Saint Demetrios Magnetic

Saint Demetrios Magnetic

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  • Magnet icons go where you go! In your car, home, or workplace
  • Collectable icons, great for kids to learn about biblical events and figures
  • Faithful recreations of the original paintings, certified iconography
  • We have hundreds of biblical themes and figures to choose from

Saint Demetrios, or Demetrios of Thessaloniki, is a Great-martyr and amongst the most popular Orthodox Christian saints. Saint Demetrios belonged to a noble family, which allowed him to rise the ranks in the Roman military, despite being a Christian in a pagan empire. In fact, Saint Demetrios played a role in converting numerous pagans to Christianity during his lifetime. However, his Christian faith was not respected by all in the Roman Empire, leading many pagans to advocate for his arrest.

Saint Demetrios is the Patron Saint of Thessaloniki and his feast day is celebrated on October 26. He is often depicted atop a horse, slaying Tsar Kalyan of Zagora, a Bulgarian king who attempted to invade Thessaloniki in the 13th century. Although Saint Demetrios had been long dead by then, he is attributed with keeping Thessaloniki safe throughout many attempted sieges in the city’s history.

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