Sacred Conversations

Sacred Conversations

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Sacred Conversations:  How God Wants Us to Communicate

Imagine the best conversation you’ve ever had — one that set your heart on fire, challenged your thinking, brought you closer to God, and inspired you to act. Recall how that conversation made you feel and how it changed your heart and your life. Such interactions rise to the level of the sacred — sacred conversations — dialogues that transform hearts, strengthen relationships, and make the world a better place by converting compassionate love into action.

Conversations like this are rare but accessible to all of us all the time, regardless of where we are on our spiritual journeys. Dr. Christopher Reed provides a divinely inspired, scientifically tested, step-by-step process for guiding interactions between “seekers” and “helpers.” We are all seekers, and we can all become helpers. This book will show you how to relate to others in their pain, frustration, hopes, and dreams. You will also learn:

  • The six components of peak communication 
  • How you can invite, understand, and illuminate others through your conversations 
  • Three historical and scriptural reasons we should study and use sacred conversations 
  • How to stop, connect, reflect, and choose the best course of action in dialogue 
  • Five ingredients in the anatomy of sacred conversations 
  • Practical ways to build community, give thanks to God, and show gratitude for others

Using Scripture, real-world examples, key scientific studies, and stories from his own formation, Dr. Reed provides approachable, fun-filled, well-researched advice on how you can use sacred conversations to become your best self and build closer relationships with others and with the Lord.  

Sacred Conversations offers a set of “how-to” tools for application, including flow charts, lists, and resources on the “Rules of the Road,” the “Sacred Conversations Model,” the roles of seekers and helpers, seven lessons for sacred conversations, and conversation starters to help you apply the model now to improve your life and help people in need. These pages will inspire your heart and reveal how everyday interactions can lead to spiritual growth, deep connections, and meaningful impact.  

This isn’t merely another Christian self-help book. It’s an inspired invitation to transform your life, and our world, one “sacred conversation” at a time. These spiritual encounters between people who want to grow in faith and virtue and live more purposeful and fulfilling lives will open your heart to hear God’s voice more clearly and respond to His love more generously.

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