Rooting Your Teen in the Faith

Rooting Your Teen in the Faith

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Rooting Your Teen in the Faith: A Field Guide for Catholic Parents

While Catholic teens drifting away from the Faith is increasingly common, it's not inevitable. We as parents are uniquely qualified to lead our teens to a relationship with Christ. During the difficult teenage years, youth ministers, teachers, and effective parish programs are pivotal, but parents are the single most powerful factor in our children's faith development.

In Rooting Your Teen in the Faith, family coach, catechist, author, and mom Kim Cameron-Smith empowers parents to shepherd their teens, guiding them to discover their mission, deepen their faith, and discern the truth about their identity and purpose.

There is no perfect blueprint for evangelizing teenagers, but there is the right relationship: the parent-child bond. If we lean into our call to lead, inspire, free, and transform our children, by the end of the teenage years, they will be equipped to respond to God's movements in their lives.

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