St. Cristobal

St. Cristobal

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Patron of Travelers, Truck Drivers, Ferryboat Men; Invoked against Nightmares, Water Perils and Plague.

San Cristobal was born in Palestine. It was his desire to serve in the army of the most powerful lord. He began by serving the Devil. The Devil and his army came across an old hermit who was ferrying people across the stream. The Devil ran from this man. Seeing how much power this hermit had over the Devil, Cristobal asked to serve the hermit, helping to ferry the people across the water. One day a child came to be carried. A storm came up while Cristobal was carrying the child in the water. The child became heavier and heavier. Cristobal thought he would sink. When he reached the other side the child turned into the grown Christ who said, "You have now carried the weight of the world upon your shoulders."

"Holy San Cristobal, as you carried the Christ child and thus the weight of the world upon your shoulders, across turbulent water to arrive safely on the other shore, I ask that you be with me on my journey, that I may find benefit to my body and soul and that I may return home to find that all has been well in my absence."

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