Progress Through Mental Prayer

Progress Through Mental Prayer

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All the saints learned how to master mental prayer, which is silently to turn our thoughts to God in a spirit of reverence. It is a holy skill that fills us with grace and draws us ever closer to our Lord. Here is the classic that will show you how you, too, can develop a deep and meaningful prayer life that is necessary to attain the joys of Heaven.

You will learn valuable insights on methods of mental prayer and the eight crucial aspects of this important practice. You will learn how to prepare for and foster the practice of mental prayer and enter into contemplation of the Lord. As Fr. Edward Leen lays out the progression from the beginning to advanced stages of grace, he also reveals:

  • Seven tools you need to strive for sanctity
  • The one thing necessary for you to become a saint
  • The essential resolution you need to grow in your life of prayer
  • Three ways to prepare yourself for a fruitful Holy Communion
  • How to cultivate intimacy with God and be healed of “infection” in your soul
  • Ways in which mental prayer will help you to “put on the mind of Christ” and increase your faith

You will see how to approach distractions in prayer and how to attain tranquility and purity in the light of divine love. You will become aware of common pitfalls in your journey, as well as a spiritual exercise that will help you avoid them. You’ll learn the role of mortification in the life of prayer and discover that God is present in your prayer even in times of darkness or obscurity.

As your conversation with God deepens, you will learn how to hear Him speak to you in the midst of your daily life. You will also understand what is meant by passive prayer, affective prayer, and the prayer of simplicity. Above all, you will glean wisdom about ways to advance in recollection and experience the touches of divine grace to empower you to live virtuously. 

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