Prayerfully Waiting:  A Catholic Grandmother&

Prayerfully Waiting: A Catholic Grandmother's Prayer Journal

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A grandmother’s prayers are of significant importance through every age and stage of a grandchild’s development! These prayers are amazing and lovely blessings that can powerfully nurture and help shape a grandchild’s conscience and future life! It is so important to recognize the great gift and role grandparents have in praying for grandchildren in utero.
This grandmother’s prayer journal offers a delightful and unparalleled opportunity to not merely sit back and wait for the wondrous arrival, but instead, to use the time wisely by prayerfully waiting for your grandchild throughout what can be a meaningful and powerful nine-month novena of prayer.
Month-by-month, inspired with holy insights, you will learn, discover, and note the development of your precious “grand-blessing.” Spaces are provided for you to personalize this special unborn baby book, as well as lovingly record your thoughts and prayers as you pray for your grandchild’s first nine months of life.
From beginning to end, you’ll be partnering with St. Anne, the grandmother of Jesus, to swaddle your unborn grandchild with prayer. You’ll journey with Mother Mary, and all the saints, to prayerfully prepare for the little one’s birth.

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