I Will See You In Heaven Dog Lovers Edition

I Will See You In Heaven Dog Lovers Edition

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This comforting collection of prayers, blessings, Franciscan wisdom, and heartwarming photos is the perfect gift for anyone who is grieving the loss of a beloved dog. Every page is filled with reassurance that we will see our animal friends in heaven.  

The death of a beloved animal friend can be one of the most difficult events we face, often surprising us at the depth of the grief and emotion we feel.  

It can be very comforting to know that the animals we love so much are safe with God, who created and loves them.  

Throughout his many years as a Franciscan friar, Jack Wintz came to know—the Bible gives us many clues that we will be with our pets in heaven for eternity! St. Francis himself shared a close relationship with animals, preaching to the birds, releasing Brother Rabbit from a trip, or letting Sister Raven awaken him for early morning prayer. Franciscan spirituality tells us that all creatures form one family of creation, and God’s plan of salvation includes the whole created world.  

This new, expanded edition of the original bestseller includes:  

  • Wisdom from Friar Jack, in 14 short and simple readings 

  • Blessings, prayers, and stories from Scripture  

  • Special presentation page to personalize the gift 

  • Adorable photos and short memories of beloved dogs 

Sections of the book include:  

  • Three Prayers of Blessing  

  • The Happiness Principle  

  • Noah, the Ark, and the Dove 

  • Jonah and the Whale 

  • The Song of St. Francis 

  • Jesus and the World of Creation 

  • Praying with Creatures 

  • The Soul of a Dog 

With it reassuring message of God’s eternal love and care for all creation, I Will See You in Heaven helps us to know that we are not alone in our grief, and that our “goodbye” is not forever.  

Cover photo: Hollie Betzler (2001-2018), Michigan’s first grief therapy dog, served faithfully at her family’s funeral home and area nursing homes for 16 years, giving a comforting paw at just the right time to just the right person. Her family anticipates her serving the same role at the gates of heaven, where she now waits for them. 

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