Our Lady of Guadalupe Hand-Knitted Doll
Our Lady of Guadalupe Hand-Knitted Doll

Our Lady of Guadalupe Hand-Knitted Doll

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Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most honored and well known titles of the Blessed Mother.
Appearing to Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531, Mary spoke to Juan as he hurried along a path to Mass.
Mary directed Juan to go to the local Bishop and ask for a chapel to be built in her honor. Beautiful roses were blooming on the path that Juan hurried along. Juan picked them for the Bishop and when they fell from his tilma as he presented them to the Bishop, the miraculous image of Mary (as represented with our doll!) appeared where the roses had been.

Mary, under the title Our Lady of Guadalupe is patroness of the Americas and the sanctity of unborn life.

The doll is handmade from 100% pima cotton and stuffed with polyester. It is so well constructed and meant to be loved and played with.

Mary’s black sash, her bright red dress and her blue mantle covered with stars proclaim our holy Mother.

Our Lady of Guadalupe will ship by March 19, we are expecting our re-stock by then or a few days sooner.

This is a limited-edition doll, and we did decide to offer a second making of her. We will have limited stock so if your heart is drawn to devotion of Our Lady of Guadalupe you will want to purchase soon!

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