Our Friends in Heaven Volume 2

Our Friends in Heaven Volume 2

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If you read one story every day from this two-volume set of books, you will have made many new friends in heaven by the end of a year!

Some saints played soccer or rode horses. Others survived shipwrecks and traveled across continents to tell people about Jesus. Still others stood up for those who were being bullied and bravely worked for justice. Every saint has a unique story to share.

The saints are people who loved Jesus and helped others. They were close to God on earth, and now they are close to him in heaven. The saints are friends of God, and they want to become your friends, too!

This fourth edition of the classic, bestselling, two-volume set of books with saints for each day of the year introduces intermediate readers to saints through their amazing life stories. In print for decades, this classic was primarily written by a much-beloved religious sister, Sr. Susan Helen Wallace, FSP (1940–2013). Sr. Susan Helen considered Saint Thérèse of Lisieux a close heavenly friend, and now they both surely can be counted on to pray for the many young readers of Sr. Susan Helen’s books.

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