Teach Me About Mary

Teach Me About Mary

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Mary became the most important woman who ever lived when she agreed to become the mother of Jesus, and then her son's first disciple. Introduce young children to Mary's beautiful and holy life as Scripture tells it. Learning about Mary will increase and enrich the children's understanding of their Catholic Faith and tradition.

Mary's fascinating story is shared through...

-- Scripture

-- Cultural traditions

-- Marian devotions

-- Prayers

Different children learn in different ways, so Teach Me About Mary is designed to accommodate all their different learning styles. Read the text, discuss the dramatic stories, talk about Mary's special titles and celebrations, direct the children to answer questions, and complete various fun activities. The children will actively respond as they draw, solve mazes, color, connect the dots, decorate, match, find and tell, and complete add-on pictures. Ideal for kindergarten and primary-age children.

As the children get to know Mary, she will point the way, leading them to Jesus.

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