On your Anniversary of Priesthood Card

On your Anniversary of Priesthood Card

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Size (in inches):

 5.5 x 8 (A-8)

Front Text:

On Your Anniversary of Priesthood

Inside Text:

 Honoring you for being a dedicated and loving shepherd of God’s flock. God bless you on this milestone of devotion and service.

Bible Verse:

 1 Peter 5:2a

Tend the flock of God that is in your charge.


Item Details:

Chalice and host surrounded by grape clusters and shafts of wheat on a yellow patterned ground.  A row of red crosses is seen in the panel above the chalice.  There are top and bottom borders of classical leaf designs in red and blue on a light leaf green background.  A dark blue patterned border surrounds the central image panel and the two borders.

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