Mommy Am I Strong?

Mommy Am I Strong?

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What makes you strong? Discover how with God's help you can become strong on the inside and the outside.

Caleb loves to pretend he is a superhero, zooming around the house in his cape, jumping from one piece of furniture to the next, lifting heavy objects and showing his muscles with his cousin David. When Caleb's mother tells the boys that they can be even stronger than they are now, they want to learn the secret to superhero success.

Caleb's mother tells the boys that while their outside strength is visible to everyone, it is their "inside" strength that truly makes them strong. Explaining that inner strength comes from things like sharing and forgiving, at first the boys are skeptical of her words. These are hard and sometimes scary things to do-how can they gain the strength for that? They soon learn that asking God's help will give them what they need to be strong on the inside. "When we ask God for help, he gives us his special powers-his grace."

Later, Courageous Caleb and Daring David use both their outer and inner strength on the soccer field, proving that they can be "true superheroes."

With comic-inspired illustrations that will appeal to boys ages 4- 7, Mommy, Am I Strong? teaches boys to recognize both inner and outer strength and develop virtues necessary to become strong men of faith.

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