Mercy's Power

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This is a critical time in the history of our world and of our faith — a time when advocates for life must be more persuasive and courageous than ever before. As a result, we need a spiritual guidebook, one that can provide solace and support during these turbulent times. We require a handbook for how best to renew the culture of life in an environment that can be quite hostile to our message. While Roe v. Wade is now history, a range of threats to innocent human life — from the moment of conception to the twilight of life — persist.

Mercy's Power: Inspiration to Serve the Gospel of Life is the trusty companion for our journey. For those who seek to transform the culture, the journey represents both a spiritual climb and a sojourn paved with acts of mercy. Think of it as combining the best of the biblical sisters Mary and Martha — we must be attentive to the Lord, while also extending hospitality to our fellow men and women.

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