Louis and Zélie The Holy Parents of Saint Thérèse  By: GinaMarie Tennant

Louis and Zélie The Holy Parents of Saint Thérèse By: GinaMarie Tennant

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This newest book in the very popular Vision Books series of saint's lives for young people presents the inspiring story of the first married couple ever canonized together in the Church, Louis and Zelie Martin, who lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It tells about their beautiful family of nine children, that includes the most popular saint of modern times, St. Therese of Lisieux.

Louis, a successful watchmaker, was a happy bachelor and intended to remain one. Zélie, who had wanted to become a religious sister, became an expert lace maker and started her own company. Then one day they met, and everything changed for them. They fell in love, married, and raised a large and very happy family.

While their main focus and devotion was on their marriage, children, and their Catholic faith, Louis and Zelie were able to continue their professions as a watchmaker and lace maker. The Martin household was full of love and joy, even amidst many sorrows and challenges, and they always showed great charity toward their neighbor and anyone in need.

The secret to their happiness was an unfailing love made possible by their boundless faith in God. All the challenges the Martins faced, great and small, were met with a profound trust in Divine Providence.

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