Litanies of the Heart

Litanies of the Heart

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Litanies of the Heart:  Relieving Post-Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety Through Healing Our Parts

All of us are wounded and in need of healing. In these pages, Dr. Gerry Crete accompanies you on your journey to overcome anxiety and traumas, big or small. You will benefit from his “parts work” therapeutic approach to find inner harmony, greater life fulfillment, and a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

Through this specialized technique, you will experience growth, transformation, and ultimately, restoration. This book stands alone in its seamless integration of advanced trauma-based treatment with rich biblical and Christian traditions. Each chapter offers a concise, real-life vignette, an exploration of the psychology of the interior world, a Scripture study, reflection questions, a meditation, and practical ways to apply these life-changing methods. You will also find:

  • The key virtue in inner transformation
  • What is really meant by true self-love
  • The way to begin to open yourself to God’s grace and healing
  • How your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health are interconnected
  • Eight characteristics of the redeemed inmost self

Dr. Gerry guides you in identifying and understanding past wounds to achieve healing and experience lasting freedom. You will learn how to enter into your inmost self, created in the image and likeness of God. You will also learn how to develop the “eight Cs”: to be calm, connected, compassionate, clear-thinking, curious, creative, courageous, and confident. Additionally, you will learn to foster the “five Ps”: patience, persistence, perspective, playfulness, and presence.

As you rest in the spiritual center of your soul, you will learn to lay down your burdens and feelings of being overwhelmed. Above all, you will find how to truly experience God’s love and learn to love Him and others fully.

The book includes three litanies: the Litany of the Closed Heart, the Litany of the Wounded Heart, and the Litany of the Fearful Heart. These litanies have been used by countless people to connect their inner parts with God’s love and mercy. The goal of the litanies is to bring you into a closer relationship with God as you release your fears and anxieties.

We know that in God’s embrace we can find safety and that God can heal all of our wounds with loving care,” Dr. Gerry explains. “God truly knows us, sees us, and wants the very best for us. And God delights in watching us discover our true selves."



In Litanies of the Heart, Gerry Crete has crafted a wise, gentle, and transformative guide. Seamlessly intertwining compelling stories, a thoughtful exploration of healing techniques, profound theological insights, and practical exercises, Crete delivers more than just a resource — he offers a lifeline to healing for all who seek it.


Alison Cook, Ph.D.


If you desire inner harmony and freedom, this book is for you! Dr. Gerry Crete will be your gentle and caring guide on an amazing journey into the heart, in which he will help you grow in self-knowledge, self-leadership, peace, and joy. In this amazing book, Dr. Gerry integrates cutting-edge parts psychology with the riches of the Catholic tradition. Great treasure lies within.


Andrew Sodergren, Psy.D.


Litanies of the Heart is an incredible integration of cutting-edge psychotherapeutic approaches with orthodox Catholic theology and practice. I especially enjoyed reading about the different conditions of our wounded and frightened hearts brought into the light of God’s merciful love and following that by praying Litanies of the Wounded, Closed, and Fearful Hearts. This book will lead you on a lifelong journey of “re-collection” — gathering all the divided, sinful, and traumatized parts of your heart into wholeness and communion with God. I highly recommend it for everyone who desires to embark on this journey of healing and for those who assist in this journey.


Bob Schuchts, Ph.D.


Litanies of the Heart resonates with the heart, mind, and spirit. Gerry Crete writes with a clear, authentic tone, and his words feel present and alive. This book walks the reader through the layers of the human experience in a compassionate, relatable way. It is a must-read for anyone interested in a Christian perspective of healing anxiety and trauma.


Deborah Kennard, M.S.


If you long for freedom and healing, you must read Litanies of the Heart. Dr. Gerry Crete masterfully integrates Internal Family Systems with the Christian faith. This book’s combination of powerful storytelling, rich research, and practical advice is surprisingly satisfying.


Drew Boa, M.A., P.S.A.P.


As I read this book, with the turning of each page, there was a unified internal chorus that gleefully cried out: Triumphant! I was captivated as Dr. Crete wove a beautiful tapestry with Scripture, teachings of saints, and the tools of parts work. I discovered wounded parts of me that yearned for the love and warmth of Christ’s sacred healing. This book creates a tangible pathway to unburden pains from the past — a path that will surely change the lives of many, from the inside out. ‘Therefore my heart is glad’ (Ps. 16:9).


Elizabeth Galanti, M.B.A.


Dr. Crete marvelously draws upon his understanding of Scripture, theology, philosophy, and psychotherapy to weave together this accessible aid for all of us who have experienced trauma. His explanations and guided meditations warmly engage the heart and demonstrate the depth of his reflection and thought.


Eric Gudan, Psy.D.


In Litanies of the Heart, Dr. Gerry Crete offers us a treasure trove of wisdom and pathways of healing. He provides several books in one: an expert teaching on psychology; a deep reflection on Scripture through the lenses of psychology and Catholic theology; and a compassionate way of discovery, understanding, and healing for our hearts. I was repeatedly moved to tears while I read the poignant stories of suffering that also shone a light on my own heart. I was moved to hope for deeper healing and integration, and I kept thinking of various people with whom I am excited to share this book. It is not a quick read — it is an in-depth exploration, a real journey into our hearts. Dr. Crete is an expert guide for this journey. He has a rich integration of Catholic faith and complex psychological models gained through prayer, study, extensive personal experience, and extensive therapeutic experience. He generously shares that lifelong integration with us in this masterpiece.


Fr. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B.


There’s a powerful movement that’s been brewing in the world of Catholic integration with secular psychology. In this book, Gerry emerges on the cutting edge of a profound development in our understanding of the person through the revealed and the observed. I’ve been waiting for a Catholic perspective on IFS to connect the deep dots, and Gerry does not disappoint. I’ll be sharing this with clients and professionals alike for years to come.


Greg Bottaro, Psy.D.


Gerry Crete provides readers with a fresh and extremely useful guide to understanding stress and anxiety in the context of faith. He not only provides fascinating information about a Catholic approach to Internal Family Systems, but he walks the reader through this powerful process to discover genuine hope and healing on the journey.


Greg Popcak, Ph.D.


Spiritual direction and therapy have been essential elements of my spiritual and human formation plan for many years. But, when my therapist introduced me to Internal Family Systems a few years ago, my internal life transformed. In Litanies of the Heart, Dr. Crete does a masterful job of integrating IFS within a Catholic vision and framework. I know that many will find new freedom and peace within themselves, which will bear fruit in greater love for self, God, and others.


Jamie Baxter


Litanies of the Heart is brilliant, humble, and grounded. This beautiful weaving together of psychology, Scripture, and Catholic tradition will inspire and minister to your heart, soul, and mind. Professionals and pastoral ministers will find the appendices particularly enriching — they answered all of my questions!


Jennifer Madere


Dr. Crete does a masterful job of integrating Catholic anthropology with Internal Family Systems theory.  He offers readers a humble and insightful approach to understanding the complexity of their wounds and recognizing the hopeful beauty of their persons. His model of the human person is evocative and representative of our psychological, spiritual, and physical existence, providing readers richness and understanding of their goodness by God’s design. This text is integral for both professionals and those on the journey who are seeking to heal, love, and thrive.


John Cadwallader, Psy.D., M.A.


In Litanies of the Heart, Dr. Crete marvelously walks us through a process of healing that will untangle our inner world, develop a richer spiritual life, and bring restoration to those who still suffer. He integrates cutting-edge Internal Family System techniques with the heart of the Christian life.


Kathryn Wessling, Ph.D.


Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to turn our attention to the state of our hearts, inviting us into a safe and intimate relationship with God, others, and even ourselves. As a caring, experienced, and spiritually devout therapist, Dr. Gerry Crete encourages our response to Jesus’ invitation with this much-needed resource about the soul’s parts and the inmost self. Beautifully integrating Christian Scripture, tradition, and theology with brilliant psychological insights, helpful exercises, and healing prayers, Litanies of the Heart will accompany and woo your heart away from pain and suffering toward freedom and joy.


Kimberly Miller, M.Th., LMFT


Catholics who long for greater healing and integration of the deepest parts of themselves have much to celebrate in this new work by Dr. Gerry Crete. Grounded powerfully in Scripture and Catholic truths, Litanies of the Heart is itself a masterpiece of integrated parts. Like no other framework known to man, Catholicism is the lens through which the psychological sciences can best affirm the dignity and complexity of the human person, made in the image and likeness of our Triune God. So, with a scientist’s knowledge and a pilgrim’s humble passion for the truth, Dr. Crete unveils in this wise and caring guide to parts work a clear and methodical path to understanding and healing ourselves. It is work that all of us can do, and it draws us closer to the heart of God, where healing, unity of being, and true freedom are found.


Lisa Mladinich, PCC


In Litanies of the Heart, Dr. Crete delivers a clear, relatable, and highly useful bridge between clinical approaches to trauma and the Catholic anthropological understanding of the human person. This book provides hope for both souls who have suffered trauma and those who accompany them in their goals of achieving authentic healing. This is a text that I will refer to in my practice for years to come.


Mark Glafke, Ph.D.


Litanies of the Heart provides innovative approaches linking Christian meditation and psychology that will help the broken find comfort, consolation, and healing for their wounds.


Matt Fradd


I was a skeptic with questions on the compatibility of Internal Family Systems and the Catholic Faith. This book put those questions to rest. Dr. Crete eloquently grounds the work of IFS in a firm Christian anthropology, elevating the nobility of the ‘self’ to a ‘self’ with the potential to enter a divine union with God by grace. The ultimate integration Dr. Crete speaks of is one that surpasses the integration of internal parts or personalities to a redeemed reintegration of man through Jesus with himself, his Creator, and the Body of Christ.


Matt Ingold


Gerry’s heart for people healing from trauma is evident in this rich contribution to the growing body of resources for Christians interested in the healing power of the Internal Family Systems model. His depth of personal spirituality and professional experience make him a valuable companion for readers in their healing process.


Molly LaCroix


As both an executive coach and business owner, I find it helpful to coach the whole person, not only the parts of the person that desire growth. The hidden, stubborn, and self-sabotaging parts also need compassion and coaching. Litanies of the Heart is a gift to coaches and managers who aspire to coach the whole person as a pathway to human formation and flourishing for the glory of God.


Patrick Molyneaux


St. Paul, St. Augustine, and many other profound spiritual doctors have vividly described the disordered state of the soul, with its parts in conflict. In this fascinating book, Gerry Crete draws from the insights of contemporary parts-work therapy, viewed in the light of Christian Scripture and Tradition, to show how the grace and power of Jesus Christ can bring the healing and wholeness we so desperately need.


Paul Thigpen, Ph.D.


No other book is better suited to help Catholics understand and embrace the good in Internal Family Systems and other parts- and systems-based approaches. Through clinical vignettes, psychological and biblical studies, reflection questions, experiential exercises, and meditations, Dr. Gerry makes parts work come alive for Catholics who seek interior integration as prerequisite for loving God, neighbor, and themselves deeply and in a more ordered way.


Peter Malinoski, Ph.D.


I have long awaited a Catholic Faith–integrated IFS book to recommend to clients and fellow clinicians that is neither Catholic-lite nor IFS-lite. It has arrived, and it is edifying for both head and heart! Dr. Crete effectively communicates an impressive fund of knowledge of the Catholic spiritual tradition and the psychological sciences in an engaging and readable way. The insightful examples from his professional practice, the innovative faith-integration efforts, and the numerous spiritual exercises will help to deepen and broaden not only your self-knowledge but also your love of God and your love of neighbor as yourself. Dr. Crete’s attachment-informed Litanies of the Heart are, by themselves, worth the price of the book. Enjoy! You will not be disappointed.


Peter Martin, Psy.D.


On a foundation of the Holy Trinity as three-in-one, Dr Crete walks the reader through the human condition of parts of self at war with each other, in response to adversity or trauma. He guides us through self-state work, enlivened by an ever more intimate relationship with the Most High, to resolve these inner conflicts and to increase loving compassion for self. Why should we settle for merely secular parts work when divinely inspired parts work is so accessible?


Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D.



This beautiful book needs to be in the hands of every Christian on a journey of healing and those involved in trauma recovery work! Dr. Crete has written a book that has finally brought needed clarity to the Internal Family Systems model for Christians. As a wounded healer myself, I found that the Litanies of the Heart finally gave parts of me the language to call out to my Beloved Father in gentleness and trust.


Shannon Mullen, Ph.D., CSAT-S


I wholeheartedly recommend Litanies of the Heart to therapists, counselors, and individuals seeking a parts approach, tailored to the Christian community, to healing trauma. Through this book, readers will discover innovative ways to integrate Ego State Therapy and Internal Family Systems concepts within a Christian framework, fostering opportunities for healing and transformation that respects the multiplicity of self. It is a testament to the author’s expertise and compassion and undoubtedly a valuable resource for anyone navigating the complex terrain of trauma in the human mind and spirit.


Wendy Lemke

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