Joseph's Workshop

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Journey with Joseph as he spends the day in his carpentry shop, creating a surprise for the Child Jesus with his many impressive tools!

In this charming board book, Julia Wade uses rhyme and repetition to help young readers imagine what it was like to see the great Joseph at work.

Children will get an inside look at Joseph as he carefully uses a plane, a stick, a saw, and a hammer. They’ll watch him drafting and crafting, carving and measuring, drilling and shining the wood.

Readers young and old will wonder what Joseph is creating as they admire his:

  • Quiet strength
  • Patient determination
  • Prudent skill
  • Peaceful spirit
  • Prayerful labor
  • Joyful love

With paintings by Matthew Bartula and references to the litany of Joseph, this book is sure to deepen children’s love for Jesus’ earthly father — and for the Holy Family.


"I can count on one hand how many children’s books have an enjoyable cadence, are holy, and are truly beautiful: This is one of those books. Joseph’s Workshop brings St. Joseph to life for the youngest readers."

Laura Horn

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