Jesus and Me:  Talking with My Greatest Friend

Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend

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Lay the foundation for a lifetime of prayer with a book that children will love.

Like any new skill, young Catholics need guidance when learning how to pray. Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend provides children with a clear yet flexible blueprint for meaningful conversations with Our Lord—conversations that can develop into a lifelong relationship with Jesus.

More than just a collection of prayers to recite, Jesus and Me provides children with eighty prayer options that offer sweet, simple, and reassuring guidance for learning how to pray. It helps them understand how and why they should pray to their divine friend, Jesus.

Written by Melissa Kirking, a Catholic mother and teacher, this full-color, spiral-bound book has been creatively designed so that children will want to use it. It highlights the four types of prayer—adoration, gratitude, contrition, and petition—by providing:

  • A unique color for each type of prayer
  • Options for praying in these four ways using a variety of styles and methods, such as Scripture, journaling, meditation, and drawing to appeal to all young minds
  • 80 “Prayer Possibilities” offering ideas for talking and listening to Jesus
  • Child-friendly explanations and “Words to Know” for each type of prayer
  • Instructions for Eucharistic Adoration, the Rosary, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet

By giving children the tools they need to talk with Jesus, Jesus and Me transforms something that may at first seem overwhelming, boring, or bewildering into a divine friendship that will guide them throughout their lives.

Age: 7-10 years

Length: 153 pages

"A much needed book for today’s Catholic families. Jesus and Me is overflowing with creative ideas to help guide children into loving communication with our Savior. I highly recommend grabbing a copy and praying alongside your child. A beautiful relationship with Jesus is sure to emerge!"

–Jennifer Sharpe

Author of My First Interactive Mass Book

"To encounter the One who loves us most is life changing, and to have that encounter at a young age is kingdom changing. What a beautiful resource for our young people to have to guide them through that encounter with Jesus in Adoration. I personally have had the privilege of witnessing Melissa guide my own children through a holy hour for children, and her heart while living out the calling over her life is so authentic, tender, and truly just seeking to bring people closer to the heart of the Father. Her very heart is all over this book, authentically and tenderly guiding the reader into a deep encounter with Jesus Christ, fully present in the Eucharist, in a very tangible and accessible way."

–Kendra Bartlett

Co-host of the His Beloved Catholic Podcast

"'I don’t know what to do' is the common worry of many children when given the opportunity for Adoration. Jesus and Me provides young people with a practical means to overcome that hurdle and gives them confidence to speak candidly with God. The book is full of wisdom and inspiring quotations that encourage children to make building a relationship with Jesus a joy-filled priority."

–Rachel Martinez

Catechist and Coordinator for Sacramental Preparation

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