Ireland's Loyalty to the Mass

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This inspiring book unveils the incomparable history of the Catholics of Ireland, who clung valiantly to the Faith for hundreds of years through some of the worst persecutions ever inflicted on a people. Their unrelenting love of the Most Blessed Sacrament is a clarion call for us in these times when attendance at Holy Mass has waned and the desacralization of the liturgy advances.

From the golden hour in which St. Patrick, as bishop, said his first Mass on Irish soil down to the coming of the Normans, love of the Blessed Eucharist was one of the dominant characteristics of the Irish race. Even during the Protestant Reformation, with its monastery closures, confiscation of Church treasures, and universally hostile treatment of Catholics, King Henry VIII nevertheless left one thing untouched — the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But the attacks would soon begin.

You will be astonished by the assaults on the Mass during Queen Elizabeth’s “reign of terror,” which resulted in the martyrdom of more than two hundred Irish Catholics — many killed in the sanctuary! James I continued the rule of terror, which was brought to new depths of cruelty by the ruthless Oliver Cromwell.

In these pages, Fr. Augustine Hayden reveals a myriad of shocking details that are highly relevant to our time, including:

What the Council of Regency did to Protestantize the Mass (Has history repeated itself?)

  • How the Irish faithful responded when it became unlawful to celebrate Mass (Take note!)
  • Why the English government sought to cancel the Mass and the sacraments (Surprise, surprise!)
  • What the English planned following the suppression of the Catholic Mass (And how it backfired)
  • The Saul-like terrorization and banishment of bishops and priests, and their indomitable courage
  • The heroic martyrdom of lay Catholics, who bravely hid priests and guarded the Holy Eucharist

“The Mass was the focus of the enemy’s hatred,” wrote Fr. Augustine, “and it was also the magnet of the people’s devotion. Masses infinite in churches, Masses in houses, Masses in every corner — these were the ‘crimes’ with which the people of this country were charged.”

You will see why the heroic Catholics of Ireland believed that the Holy Mass and the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament are worth cherishing — even unto death. Amid war, starvation, and relentless cruelty, our Eucharistic King gave the Irish the graces they needed to remain steadfast and become a bastion of devotion for the world.

So exciting in places that I couldn’t put it down.


Most Rev. H. Roloff


I congratulate you on this book . . . which will become a standard work of Christian apologetics.


Most Rev. Josef Hilti


The unique contents of this book have led me to recommend it on every possible occasion.


Most Rev. Josef Zimmermann


I have just been reading Christ in Dachau — the most shattering but uplifting book I have read in my life. This book proves to us that the spirit of faith and love and the readiness to make the supreme sacrifice that inspired the early Christians is still alive today, among both priests and laity.


Most Rev. Michael Buchberger


A book proclaiming the victory of the Church and the heroism of her priests.


Radio Vatican


A book that should be available in every parish library.


Speyer Diocesan Journal

Dr. Lesley Rice


This is to date, the most comprehensive popular treatment available of the Catholic position on gender ideology. John Bursch has provided an excellent guidebook not only for clergy, teachers, medical specialists, and politicians, but also for the average Catholic who is increasingly pressured to conform to the medically, psychologically, and spiritually damaging popular cultural agenda.


Fr. Robert Spitzer


Going from a brief and sophisticated overview of anthropology and philosophy right on to the down-to-earth reality pastors, educators, counsellors and parents must confront on transgender issues, this book will prove to be an indispensable resource.


Fr. Robert Sirico


We all need to know how to respond with rational love to the madness of gender ideology. This book shows us how to do this. For this reason alone, it should be on every good Catholic’s reading list.


Joseph Pearce


The transgender movement has dramatically affected every facet of American life – and Catholics are looking to make sense of it all. I can’t think of a wiser guide for that task than attorney-author John Bursch. 


Mary Hasson


Many faithful Catholics have a difficult time both understanding and articulating the Church’s teachings about the difficult moral and cultural issues of our time. Because they lack confidence and because they fear being cancelled or accused of bigotry they remain silent even with members of their own families.


Most Rev. Charles Chaput


Love is only authentic when grounded in truth. Loving God’s Children: The Church and Gender Ideology informs readers of the truth—about the philosophy and theology, science and medicine—that they need to know in order to then authentically love those caught in gender ideology. 


Ryan Anderson


Over the past decade American culture has been overrun by gender ideology, a grave threat not only to the happiness of individuals but also to our very understanding of the person. 


Very Rev. Paul Scalia

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