In the Light of His Word

In the Light of His Word

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This book is the third in a special series of prayer booklets I have written for the pro-life movement. The first, In the Palm of His Hand: Prayers to End Abortion, equips God’s people to pray for the unborn in a variety of circumstances and special times of the year. The second, In the Heart of His Mercy: Prayers to Heal the Wounds of Abortion, asks for God’s mercy and healing for many groups of people who are wounded by each abortion.

Now this book, In the Light of His Word: Biblically Based Prayers to End Abortion, takes key themes in God’s Word as the launching point for interceding for our brothers and sisters in the womb. These launching points are outlined in more detail in two key sources: The Gospel of Life by Saint John Paul II, and my brochure, The Bible’s Teaching Against Abortion. Scripture quotes are mostly from the New American Bible translation.

May these prayers bring us deeper into the Word of God and closer to a Culture of Life!

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