Discovering a Mission:  My Way to Virtuous Leadership

Discovering a Mission: My Way to Virtuous Leadership

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As you read through the narrative of how Virtuous Leadership expert Alex Havard came to find his mission through the contemplation of his own story, ask yourself:

What is my story? What is my talent? What is the cultural or social challenge I am called to respond to with passion and dedication?

Reflect on your story. Contemplate it. Recognize that your story is your strength. And write it down. 

“In my Virtuous Leadership classes I always call on my students to discover their own essence in order to identify a mission. And to help determine what that is, I ask them to write the story of their lives to that point. I suggest that in the writing they will begin to see themselves for who they are, to develop a concept of self, and, in the process, discern a mission—the thing they were born to do.” - Alexandre Havard

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