Devil's Advocate: Facing My Inner Anti-Catholic

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He has debated Protestants, skeptics, and socialists. He has refuted countless atheist arguments and debunked a thousand anti-Catholic myths—without breaking a sweat.  But now Trent Horn has met his match . . . himself

What if the voice of your deepest doubts and difficulties about Catholicism rose up in the form of a human being and challenged you to a defend your most foundational beliefs? That's the task Trent faces in Devil's Advocate: a dialogue with his own best objections against the faith he professes and defends.

In this engaging series of conversations with his anti-Catholic alter-ego, Trent battles challenges on topics such as:

God: You can't believe that God is a person when most philosophers say that—at best—God is just a force. The problem of evil won't allow it!

The Resurrection: Why say that Jesus truly rose from the dead when simpler explanations suffice? Why believe in this miraculous story but reject those in other religions?

Abortion: Would you really tell a pregnant woman she must keep the baby even if doing so will kill both of them?

The Bible vs. the Pope: Doesn't it make more sense to put your faith in the unchanging word of God over Catholic leaders who keep making new teachings?

Hell: How can you believe that God tortures people in hell forever? What if it were your own child?

The voice of doubt does not mess around—not for Trent, and maybe not for you, either.  But in Devil's Advocate, you'll find that there's a better option than ignoring those doubts you can't quite beat. You have what it takes to face them . . . and Trent will show you how.

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