Detached - The Paschal Lamb


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Before you throw down this book, thinking “Here’s yet another guy telling me that my phone is bad and I need to stop using it,” RELAX!

This is NOT that book.

The issue isn’t technology itself. The issue is the attachment we have to technology. Former tech addict T.J. Burdick shows you how, in just 21 days, you can find a happier and holier life when you learn to control your phone, rather than letting it control you.

This is not a 12-step program or a three-week detox in the woods with no WiFi. Detached is an easy-to-follow spiritual retreat, inviting you to read, reflect, and take actions to strengthen your personal and spiritual life, while decreasing the time you feel you “need” to spend on your phone.

“Through timeless spiritual practices you’ll learn how to treat your phone prudently, as a tool and not an addictive slot machine.” – Brandon Vogt, Word on Fire Ministries

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