Cyprus Incense 1.8 oz

Cyprus Incense 1.8 oz

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  • Cyprus incense from Vatopedi Monastery in Mount Athos
  • Each box is sealed with plastic wrap to ensure incense is fresh from Monastery
  • Grade-A quality frankincense 2-3cm pieces from Boswellia trees imported from Western Africa
  • The fragrances are imported from Switzerland or made in the Monasteries.
  • Creates less smoke and more high-quality odor, lasts twice as long as other incenses.

    The incense produced in Vatopedi Monastery is of extraordinary quality, without impurities and with aromas that last the duration of burning. Mount Athos Incense is made from combining three natural materials: Frankincense, Magnesium and Aroma. Frankincense is the base ingredient of incense. It can also be called the aromatic resin and is extracted from the trunk of a tree family called Burseraceae. Also referred to as the “Incense Tree” family these trees grow across Western Africa and Arabian Peninsula.

    For 1000s of years frankincense has been in high demand, most ancient and principal uses of frankincense has been in worship ceremonies mainly in churches. Incense has always been an important element in formal worship. The Fathers of the Monastery produce this incense with personal attention, blessings and with a sense of responsibility as this incense will be used exclusively for the worship of God.

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