Peter Shining Light Doll

Peter Shining Light Doll

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Meet St. Peter! 
St. Peter (June 29th)
Patron of: fishermen, leaders, the Papacy, ship builders, against fever

St. Peter was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, and was the first Pope. Peter became the first Pope of the Catholic Church after Jesus told him that, "upon this rock I will build my Church."  Even though Peter denied Christ, he asked for forgiveness and went on to do great things. A great example to us all that no one is free from sin, but all that turn to Christ will be made new. This doll has the most stunning rooster design on the back, to symbolize the three times Peter denied Christ each time the rooster crowed.

  • Brings the Saints to life in your child’s heart and imagination through developmentally healthy open-ended play

  • Grows with your child; safe for babies and toddlers, and continues to engage preschool and school age children with imaginative play centered around the “characters” of their Faith.

  • Exceeds safety requirements for children of all ages- including those under 3

  • Every doll comes in a beautiful collectible quality box, complete with educational insert full of fun facts!

  • Slightly over 3.5” tall

  • Nothing to break or lose!  Durable, lightweight, single piece construction.

  • Plant the seeds of a lifelong faith with everyone's favorite Catholic saint toys!

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