Compendium of Sacramentals

Compendium of Sacramentals

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The Catholic Faith posseses a treasury of devotions, prayers, and rituals to draw us deeper into the spiritual life. Among these gifts, sacramentals hold a unique and vital place in the lives of all who seek God’s grace. From rosaries and crucifixes to medals and relics, from bells and candles to salts and scapulars, these seemingly ordinary signs, when woven into our everyday lives, sanctify us and better prepare us to “receive the fruit of the sacraments” (CCC 1677).


Compendium of Sacramentals explores this vast and fascinating world, giving us keen insights and a deeper understanding of the power of sacramentals. Readers will discover:

  • The differences between the Church’s three groups of sacramentals: blessings, exorcisms, and pious devotions
  • The history, development, and spiritual reality behind each sacramental
  • How sacramentals can become the chief instrument for disposing us to the seven sacraments of the Church
  • Thorough explanations of devotions, including those familiar and unfamiliar
  • Theological foundations for the belief that sacramentals are sources of grace that help Christians achieve sanctification and strengthen them on their journey to heaven
  • Useful tips on defending each sacramental from both longstanding and modern objections
  • In-depth guidance and instruction on using and practicing sacramentals
  • A comprehensive understanding of the scriptural roots of various sacramentals
  • Moving wisdom from the saints, popes, Church Fathers, and theologians on incorporating sacramentals into every aspect of daily life

For converts seeking to immerse themselves in their newfound faith, as well as lifelong Catholics wanting to deepen their faith, Compendium of Sacramentals is an invaluable resource on the journey to heaven.

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