Chastity and the Soul

Chastity and the Soul

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Chastity and the Soul:  You Are Holy Ground

Bestselling author Ronald Rolheiser illuminates the lost virtue that could save us all: Chastity.

These days, it’s hard to say the word “chastity” without a cringe. But in this book, beloved teacher Fr. Ronald Rolheiser boldly champions the notion of chastity in its fullest meaning: respect, patience, reverence, and a God-given gift of propriety in every area of life—not just in the area of sex.
In twenty-four power packed chapters, Fr. Ron compassionately and eloquently elaborates on how we can reclaim the lost virtue of chastity. He spells out the reasons for the death of chastity in our culture, the negative consequences of that has had on our souls and in our lives, the need for a healthy chastity in all areas of our lives, what constitutes that healthy chastity, and its positive consequences—so that we can say the word chastity without a cringe.
This is a book not just for those believers seeking to live a holier life, but for all those who seek to live the fullest, most authentic life possible. 
Chastity and the Soul is the guide we all need to come to the realization that in God’s eyes, each one of us is holy ground.

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